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Defending Criminal and DUI Charges in the Boulder-Denver-Golden Colorado Area Since 1981

Why Should You Fight a Criminal Charge?

Criminal convictions can be devastating, with consequences that range from losing your license, job and family to losing your freedom with a jail sentence. Even relatively minor offenses can cause big headaches, including restrictions on driving, a hefty fine and disappointing those who depend on you most. 


But just because you’ve been charged, doesn’t mean you’ll be convicted. With the right, experienced attorney, charges and penalties can often be reduced and – in some circumstances – dismissed. 


40 Years of Criminal Defense Experience


If you or a loved one is facing criminal charges, we can begin helping you today. At DUI Matters, P.C., our attorneys have been protecting the rights of defendants since 1981. For our clients, this means 40 years of experience and a mastery of Colorado courts and their criminal laws, procedures and penalties. So not only can we quickly identify those defenses available for any given case, we will also readily explain how your case will proceed and the likelihood of various outcomes.


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